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ಠ_ಠ Elhombresinnombre es mi novio.
Estoy a favor del aborto. Me gusta dibujar pero me cuesta usar el tablet.

Sep 19



The male Darwin’s Beetle (Chiasognathus grantii) is an ungainly flyer due to its massive jaws.

Life (2009)

Like a ballerina. 

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Sep 17

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if you tHINK im gonna rewatch this 50 episode anime with you just because you havent seen it then you are absolutely right sit down we are marathoning this.

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Sep 16


no me importa el 18 pero esto fue educativo

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You can’t honestly tell me Mike didn’t have nightmares for a while that involved Michael and Pete tryna kill him after being kidnapped n’ stuff. 

But yea had this idea for a while and FINALLY drew it out

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Sep 15


I asked my roommate what she would wish for if she were a magical girl in Madoka, and then this wonderful mess poured out of her mouth.

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Sep 14

Gon & Killua Alphabet → Dorks

Sep 13


foods that will poison cats:

  1. alcohol 
  2. chocolate
  3. caffeine
  4. dairy products (adults turn lactose intolerant)
  5. fat trimmings, raw meat, eggs, fish
  6. grapes and raisins
  7. onions and garlic
  8. tuna (when not made for cats)
  9. xylitol (artificial sweetener)

if you have a cat please reblog this

what the fuck

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